Jewelery box in the downtown, District XIII.

Jewelery box in the downtown Renovated in rococo style, the 160 sqm property has a balcony, and inestimable art treasures for sale. Chandeliers, curtains, curtains, historic stoves are included in the price list, the other objects are the subject of bargaining. The chandeliers are of KOLARZ type, recessed lamps are also from the world famous FLOS Spanish lamp factory. The salon and all the other rooms were all restored in the original. The new oak parquet is coated with Bona pads and the power cabels are completely new, also in the stucco ceiling. All four rooms have 150 year old muffler stoves with heater. The real estate is in company ownership. Selling price: 250.000.000 HUF + VAT


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