Extraordinary Castle with amazing park and land, Szombathely and it's surroundings

The first owners of the castle were the Akats Family in 1549. There were many different owners of the castle until 1891 where it was bought by count Szapary Geza, Chief of the Royal Court Hoffmeister. They owned the castle from 1891 to 1912. The family lived a very extravagant lifestyle, the consequence was they had to sell the castle. During this period, the castle was rebuild in a more eclectic style by architect and constructor Artur Meining. Meining was the most famous architect at that time. He constructed a lot of renowned and historical buildings in the 19th and 20th century. Sorokpolany was finished in 1898. In 1884 the family inherited a very valuable collection of various artifacts from Francesco Morosini (1619 - 1694), the Doge of Venice. Some of them are still in the castle: 5 marble reliec from Greece 3rd Century BC. Greek Soldiers Head also from 3rd century BC. A fountain with Leda and the Swan from the 15th century, and a fountain of Apollo and a dolphin 15th century. In 1912 – 1916 the castle was owned by a lawyer who sold it to Baron Haupt- Buchenrode from Austria. The Buchenrode familiy rebuilt the castle in 1930 from plans by Leopold Bauer professor and architect. This rebuilding reduced the castle’s form and architecture. The roof was established as a German saddle roof, no windows, no tower. The Buchenrode family lived in the castle until 1945, when the Russians occupied Hungary. After that time the castle has been used as Russian camp- hospital, and then from 1950 it was used as a local public school until the actual owner bought it in 2001. He started the rebuilding and renovation in 2004 - 2007. The main aim and purpose was to get the castle back the 1898’s original style, and feeling. The castle now has the original Manzard roof with copper. The tower has been reestablished. 6 guestrooms have been established on the 2nd floor. All installation are done, so there is a possibility to establish a further 12 guestrooms. There is now a person elevator from the basement to 2nd floor. All the stairs up to the castle, were totally damaged, so new stairs were built in original and authentic style. The facades been highly decorated like in 1898. Inside a total (rebuilding) renovation was necessary after the school had made a lot changes and damages. The ballroom, billiard room, toilets, halls had to be rebuilt and renovated. The interior and furniture are exclusive and antique. There is central heating in the building, but old fashioned heating with 26 antique ovens have also been build and they are all perfectly functional. The furniture originates from Russia, Italy, China, France, England, Denmark, Austria, and Hungary. The carpets (approx. 80) originates from especially China and the Middle East. The paintings (Approx. 400) originates from old masters from Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Hungary and China. A Collection of Chinese and Japanese ceramics.The reconstruction was successful. The park has been renewed and rebuilt and the French garden was reestablished. Here you’ll find a lot of statues: Apollo fountain with dolphin, Leda fountain, and Apollo with 6 harem ladies, the four seasons (4) statues and a marble pavilion. There is a typical English park and a new, very beautiful Japanese garden with waterfall and creeks where the water is lead to a small lake with koi carps. Separate garden where the broken and damaged old statues are exhibited. There has been built a stable for 6 horses and a garage for 4 cars including a maintenance service room and staff room. There is full roof for example for hay and storage and full basement for machines and other purposes. There is a birdhouse and fenced yard for peacocks. There is automatic water rinsing on the whole property, from the river Sorok which is running through the property. There are two bridges crossing the Sorok, connecting the parks together. We planted approx. 5000 new trees and a million plants, flowers, in thousand variations. To keep the park in perfect condition the castle has 4 gardeners looking after the property. For the reconstruction of the castle and park we have imported materials from Syria, Egypt, Thailand, China, Brazil, Austria, Italy, India, Slovenia, Germany and Ukraine. Price: 26M EUR


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