Refurbished Unfurnished Apartment in the Downtown, District VII.

This unfurnished premium apartment is located on the section of Király street between Kazinczy street and Kis Diófa street, in probably the most vibrant part of the historic VII. District, which is full of restaurants, cafés and bars. The location is also great in terms of public transport and sightseeing: on foot you can easily reach both Deák square (with 3 metro lines and multiple tram and bus stops) and the large ring road (served by trams 4 and 6) within 5 minutes; the Opera is literally 2 minutes away and the Basilica about 10. Despite its lively surroundings the apartment is very quiet. Due to it being located on the 5th floor and being shielded from street sounds via the main building you can easily sleep with open windows at night. As you can see on the pictures all windows on the corridor side (i.e. all rooms except for the bathrooms) provide a spectacular panorama view of the inner city and the Buda side, which is especially breath-taking at night. As for its layout, the apartment can both serve as a loft for young professionals or as an Airbnb (there are multiple Airbnb properties in the building) since it has two separate bedrooms and two separate bathrooms (both equipped with their own toilet and shower/bathtub). The apartment got a complete facelift a few weeks ago: the bathrooms where totally renovated (new tiles, new toilets, showers, water heater, etc.), the floors got a new polish and all walls got a new coat of paint. The apartment is air conditioned. There are 2 units in the apartment (which were installed about 2 years ago): one in the larger bedroom and one in the living room/kitchen. The smaller bedroom is more shaded and cooler during the summers. Currently the apartment is unfurnished (besides the bathrooms and a washing machine). All contact points for kitchen appliances have been previously established, so no work is needed beyond installing the appliances. Obviously, it being unfurnished also means that is can instantly be moved into.