ROSEHILL Penthouse, II район

WITHOUT COMPROMISE! We built RoseHill PentHouse without compromise: planning took one year construction took one and a half. The starting point was a dull, dime-a-dozen penthouse, lacking any creativity, made from mediocre materials tuned for sale. So, we set out to create a unique monochrome architecture with modest elegance, worthy of the special location on Rózsadomb and the breathtaking, eternal panorama. We used luxurious, but ‘understatement’ materials and topped up the result with exclusive accessories. SMART HOME The RoseHill PentHouse is an automated Loxone home, adapting to the change of seasons, the weather and your lifestyle. Imagine a ‘future proof’, expandable modular automation system that performs thousands of tasks in a year’s time for you so that you can spend your precious time on anything you’d like! ACCESS CONTROL Smartphone touch (NFC chip) or card to disarm the system (also works with the usual PIN Code) SECURITY Movement and light sensors in all rooms (light control, alarm system, etc.) Remote function to arm / disarm the system. Integration option for smoke and water leak detection and optional camera system. UNIQUENESS 1.Exclusive location (the most important factor of property choice and investment) 2.Eternal panorama (from both the living room and the jacuzzi) 3.The house is embraced by a 1560 ft2 patio covered with real trees 4.Fully serviced home (award-winning designer furniture, high-end electronics, limited edition household items) 5.Elevator to the Penthouse (electronic key access) 6.Loxone Smart Home (automated smart home) 7.Central BWT water cleaning/softening system 8.Golden dome in the living room made from Sicis mosaic tiles, brightened with Occhio lamps 9.Gaggenau kitchen with 2 ovens (microwave and steam) 10.Hybrid room (study/bedroom) with a furniture fold-out double ‘Murphy Bed’ 11.Gesture-controlled lamps where appropriate (high-end Occhio system) 12.Hidden Wertheim safe built into furniture 13.A 60-year-old BSA C15 motorbike (with original British documents) 14.A high-end Celestron telescope suitable for deep-sky exploration (and photography) 15.A Ferrari 150° F1 steering wheel replica (No. 037 from a limited edition of 250 pieces) 2 generously spacious parking plots (18 million HUF) and 3 storage rooms (12 million HUF) can further be purchased with the apartment.


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