Exclusive villa in 12th district, XII район

Its owners offer for sale one of Hungary's most beautiful, most tastefully furnished villas. It is located in Budapest, in the most prominent part of the 12th district, at the top of Svábhegy, from where, however, the city center can be reached in 15-20 minutes. The villa is surrounded by wooded hills that are so close that they almost "enter" the villa and the surrounding park designed by renowned garden designers. I. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, lounge, library room, winter garden, kitchen, wardrobe, two large terraces (+ service rooms). II. There are currently 3 suites on the first floor of the villa: - large suite (terrace, large bedroom, large bathroom, shower, toilet, wardrobe), - double suite (bedroom and bathroom), - single suite (bedroom and bathroom), there is also a 12-seat cinema. The total area of the villa is 1,134 square meters, the size of the park surrounding is 6,257 square meters. The property also has an outdoor heated giant pool with Versace-patterned glass mosaics and a regular-sized tennis court. The villa is characterized by classic furniture bought at Italian, French and English auctions by the interior designer and decorator team, and mixed with modern, super-luxurious furniture (Colombo Style, Ipe Cavalli, Smania, etc.). There are a large number of frescoes on the walls of the villa, each of them was made by the world’s two most significant Italian fresco artists, Jole Prato and Carlo Giordana, for more than two years. In the park surrounding there is also a completely separate 80 sqm house, reserved for staff. The purchase price of the villa and the park depends on the agreement between the buyer and the owners!


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