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Founded by Heidi BARNES 20 years ago and under the direction of its President, Thibault de Saint Vincent, BARNES is now the international leader in high-end residential real estate with a portfolio of the most exclusive properties in the world’s most beautiful places and holiday destinations.


Everything began in 1994, when Heidi BARNES opened a real estate company in London aimed at helping international clients seeking to move to London. Due to its success she decided to open a new office in Paris the following year, in 1995. As in London, the Paris office was an immediate success, and in just a few years BARNES had become a reference in the world of real estate.

As for Thibault de Saint Vincent, after having worked for over fifteen years at the helm of residential real estate companies in France and the United States, he noticed in early 2000 that the luxury real estate market was gaining traction globally.


In 2004, BARNES was off and running, combining the Anglo-American style of Heidi Barnes with the entrepreneurial approach of Thibault de Saint Vincent, structured around a visionary idea: providing international clients with unique access to exclusive properties located in the most beautiful places in the world.


In 2006, Richard Tzipine joined the company as Managing Director. His experience as company manager in a large international media group allowed him to develop the Paris office into a leader in luxury and exclusive residential real estate.

Since 2006, BARNES has continued to expand internationally and develop its brand awareness. After London and Miami, BARNES opened several new agencies in Paris and in the French provinces, in Geneva, throughout the entire Lake Geneva and the Valais regions in Switzerland, Mauritius, Lisbon, Brussels, Monaco, New York, Los Angeles, Palm Beach and St. Barts, as well as an office in Moscow.

Backed by its renowned expertise in the sale and rental of residential properties, BARNES has consolidated its knowledge in different departments, each of which offers customized solutions in response to its clients' needs. BARNES also has teams specialized in: exclusive properties, castles in the world's most beautiful cities; seasonal rentals in the most gorgeous resort locations; property management in metropolitan areas and capital cities; marketing for new developments; shop locations and residential buildings.


BARNES is also strengthening its consultancy expertise for art, yacht and jet rental, vintage cars, architecture and renovation, with the goal of developing co-operative partnerships with exclusive real estate agencies, asset management banks and international lawyers.

Discover our magazine

Discover our magazine

Several times a year, BARNES publishes and distributes its own magazines throughout the world. Powerful communication tool with 180,000 copies, BARNES Magazine offers you a selection of the finest goods and also all the latest news and trends around art to live.

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