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Mixture of Old and Modern World, Grand Architecture

Budapest is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable cities in Europe, with impressive architecture, palaces and historic buildings. It also has a magnificent view of the Danube River, which splits the city. Buda is located on the western side of the city and Pest on the eastern side, giving the capital two completely different characteristics.

Buda is on the western segment of Budapest, located on the west bank of the Danube, and is known for its rich historical landmarks, leafy green areas, hillside topography, and some of the most luxurious estates and villas that are popular with senior management figures with families who reside in Budapest.


District I.
The two main areas of the 1st district are the Buda Castle and Víziváros, both part of the Unesco World Heritage. The area is also home to numerous sights, monuments and museums (Naphegy, Tabán, Gellérthegy, Déli railway station, and the most famous sights: the Chainbridge and the Fisherman’s Bastion), as well as luxury estates, high standard apartments and villas situated in prestigious neighborhoods with a historic atmosphere.

District II.
District II. of Budapest is the more upscale villa area of the Hungarian capital, due to its great location (the city centre is easily accessible, while offering more relaxed surroundings) and beautiful green parks. The district has multiple parts that deliver the most beautiful panoramas in the city. The more prestigious parts of the district are Rózsadomb, Szemlőhegy, Felhévíz and Rézmál, which also offer luxury accommodation for many world-renowned Hollywood movie stars spending months in Budapest while on location for filming. The Buda Nature Reserve can also be found here.

The district is mostly populated by the upper-class citizens that moved here in the 1990s and 2000s. The rate of expats is also high, and some of the classy villas are housing embassies.

District III.
Óbuda – the oldest and third biggest district of Budapest, the name is translated as "Old Buda". It has its own island called Óbudai-sziget (home of the famous Sziget Festival), and houses two amphitheaters. During the 20th century a lot of its original looks was transformed, resulting in today’s eclectic mix of all ages and architectural styles.

District XI.
District XI. is one of the most diverse and biggest areas in Budapest. The district houses the renowned Gellért Spa and Gellérthegy. A lot of university campuses can be found here, including the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The real estate values are on the rise, as this secure district becomes more and more popular among young adults.

District XII.
District XII. of Budapest is one the most peaceful, green, and luxurious areas of the city, housing the wealthiest families. This part of Budapest is filled with luscious green hills, which are ideal for a weekend hiking trip or for a break after the busy week. Most of the area is covered by forests and vineyards, so it is often called the "lungs of Budapest" or the local "Hollywood Hills". With regards to properties, district XII. in Budapest is known for its grandiose villas, mansions and upscale private homes. Lavish restaurants, confectionaries and hiking paths are scattered around Normafa. The most elegant malls, cultural institutions, universities and biomarkets are also found here. The area is chosen as the residences of the President and Prime Minister, as well as other major political figures of Hungary.


Pest is the eastern, flatter part of Budapest, and the beating heart of our capital. Within its borders reside the Hungarian Parliament, Opera house, the Heroes’ Square, the City Park, the Liszt Ferenc Conservatoire, and lots of other famous square, avenues and parks.

District V.
District V. might be the smallest of the 23 districts of Budapest, but it is considered the heart of the Hungarian capital. The Hungarian Parliament on Kossuth Lajos Square is one of the most impressive buildings in the world, a true gem of the country. The district gives home to St. Stephen's Basilica and the famous shopping street, Váci street. Among the 5-star hotels, business centres and enchanting buildings, the local and foreigner society of Budapest meets here. Properties have the highest per square meter prices in Budapest and it is projected to continue to rise in the next few years. Regardless of size, buying a property here is an excellent investment opportunity!

District VI.
The luxury real estates in district VI. are mostly found along the famous Andrássy Avenue, dotted with magnificent neo-renaissance palaces and elegant villas that were built in the 19th century and the early 1900s, and are part of the World Heritage Sites. The avenue was built with Champs-Élysées in mind, and the world’s most famous clothing and fashion brands have set up shop here. There are plenty of embassies located in this district near Heroes’ Square, thanks to which it earned its nickname of “Diplomats’ Quarter”. It is one of the most important part of the capital when it comes to culture, since not only the Opera and the Operett, but many theatres, and also the famous Liszt Ferenc Music Academy are situated right beside the Andrássy Avenue.

District VII.
District VII. is among the smallest districts of Budapest. This inner part of the city was the historic Jewish quarter, nowadays the area is famous for its cultural atmosphere, varied tourist attractions, and its vivid urban night life venues. Property investors can find buy-to-let types of investments here, as well as prestigious luxury apartments in the central parts along Király utca and near Deák square. The synagogue (which is in the top 10 most beautiful synagogues in the world) and the famous New York Café (which now houses the five-star hotel Boscolo) also are in this district.

District XIII.
District XIII. is one of the biggest districts of the capital and – out of its 4 main parts – Újlipótváros is the most prestigious neighborhood. It is highly popular with real estate investors looking for a solid investment due to its mostly Bauhaus-style architecture. It is home to many cultural institutes, squares, parks, and monuments. The famous Margaret Island is known as part of the district, which is providing the people of the whole city with different kinds of sport facilities and leisure options. Currently there are many ongoing and newly built projects, and due to interest shown by younger couples and newlyweds when it comes to family homes, investment opportunities are abundant.

District XIV.
Situated on the Pest side, it is known to be the third biggest district of the capital. It has many sport and cultural monuments and facilities. Even though it is close to the city centre, green parks are very common. Városliget, which is one of Budapest’s biggest park can be found in this district called Zugló, and is now undergoing a major reconstruction and development project. Its real estate values are closing in on the more prestigious district, so it is considered a wise investment option.

Buda or Pest? The choice is yours.

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