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Romantic cultural landscape

The Danube Bend is the section of the river between Esztergom and Budapest, and is the greenest region of the country. The Danube flows between the Börzsöny and Visegrád Mountains, and its direction changes from west-east to north-south. It is considered one of Hungary's most important tourist areas. The Danube Bend is also a cultural site listed on the World Heritage List. It has beautiful and well-kept parks, its wildlife reserves, natural rarities, important climatic riverside resorts, islands, water- and winter sports opportunities form its natural values.

It is easily accessible by car or public transport. On the left bank there is the M2 motorway and the main road 2, from which there is a road 12 between Budapest and Szob. On the right bank, the road 11 connects Budapest to Esztergom via Szentendre and Visegrád.

There are many historical sites, small towns, castles (including the famous Visegrád castle) and mansions on both sides of this landscape. It’s cultural richness and its frequently held events attract tourists and visitors all year round.

It's a great investment for those who want to live in a green area and escape from the noisy capital, but want to easily and quickly reach Budapest if necessary.

Our real estate offers in the Danube Bend

Residential real estate in the Danube Bend

Residential real estate in the Danube Bend

BARNES Hungary offers high-end apartments, villas and houses, to buy or rent, in the Danube Bend region. Do not hesitate to contact us to assist you in your real estate project.

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