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First Barnes Hungary Open House


Thursday 05 August 2021

Picture First Barnes Hungary Open House Picture

The first Barnes Hungary Open House was held, where our priority clients could visit our minimalist luxury villa in Buda for three days - by appointment.

There is no tradition of Open Houses in Hungary, but it is a common and proven method in the international real estate market, so the Barnes team felt it was timely and justified to introduce this traditional method to the Hungarian market.

One of the most important and long-term goals of Barnes Hungary is to establish the prestige of the real estate profession in Hungary on a new, reformed basis, combining it with a timeless culture, refined taste and above all uncompromising quality.

The event was brought to life with the involvement of key partners such as Pappas Auto, who raised the profile of the event with their Mercedes-Benz car showpieces, and Technoliving Hungary, who provided a quality atmosphere and delicious coffee specialities for our key clients.

In addition to the unrivalled and breathtaking panoramic views, visitors were also treated to an exclusive exhibition by contemporary artist Dalma Göncz, as Barnes' credo and well-established principles state that art is the essential essence of luxury and a quality shared experience. 

Because uniqueness is inimitable…

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