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A47 - The newest gem of the city centre


Sunday 23 April 2023

Picture A47 - The newest gem of the city centre Picture

Even Vilmos Freud, the former design engineer, would take his hat off to the sight of the house at 47 Andrássy Avenue, as the building, which has been restored to its former brilliance and is a beautiful addition to the avenue, has been designed and constructed with every detail in mind, in accordance with historic preservation standards. 

The A47 monument renovation project won the Residential Property Development of the Year 2022 award among the nominees of The Real Estate Awards 2022.

For a long time, the World Heritage cityscape was marred by the building, which deserves a better fate, at the corner of Andrássy Avenue and Liszt Ferenc Square. The eclectic NeoRenaissance style building was taken over by the investment group Bayer group to revive its 19th-century grace and dignity: „The project was a unique development opportunity for us in the historic centre of Budapest, as the renovation of the 4,700 m² apartment building was carried out in an exceptional location, preserving the cultural heritage of the building and in top quality. We are incredibly proud of the result, which can be admired by anyone walking along the square and the avenue.” The renovation of the building, which has a unique national protection status, required exceptional expertise and precision. As the monument restoration,the removal of the roof structure and its subsequent installation, the premium design with improved functions all required a professional approach. 

The A47 has 13 luxury residential units, two commercial units and one restaurant. The architectural and technical construction of the building is ultra-modern, in such a way that it matches the original solutions, which were also modern in their time. For instance, the roof covering was planned and constructed to be both traditional and contemporary, and the majority of the supporting elements are already-existing structures that have been reinforced with ferroconcrete.

 On an authentic, traditional basis

The building at 47 Andrássy Street once again offers a pleasant blend of civil and modern architecture in its full splendour, a feeling of a liveable and lovable city centre, with an interior that evokes the arbour-like atmosphere of Liszt Ferenc Square. Its imposing spectacle would certainly have impressed its original designer, architect Vilmos Freud, not to mention the master stonemason Béla Seenger, who was once in charge of the stonemasonry, and Edé Kratzmann, whose expertise and artistic merit are praised by the exquisite glasswork. The work of the era’s masters, which spanned the ages, perfectly fit into the regulatory plan of the city of Pest, which was developed in 1872, and its centre of gravity fell on the northeastern areas of Pest, Teréz- and Erzsébetváros. Moreover, at the time they were eagerly preparing for the unification of the cities, so in the preceding months the construction of Sugárút, now Andrássy Avenue, began at a feverish pace. There was a great demand for building plots alongside a wide road in the direction of the City Park, creating a metropolitan environment, and Ignácz Karpelesz, a landowner and produce merchant, did not want to miss the trend. At the urging of his wife, Jozefa Inselt, he bought the well-kept site from the Hungarian Piarists (pesti Kegyesrend), that had owned it since the 1840s. The construction began in August 1878 with the commissioning of the above-mentioned excellent craftsmen and artists, but special mention should also be made of Gregerson Guilbrand, the carpenter, Ferenc Svadló, the locksmith, and Mátyás Zellerin, the designer and constructor of the gas and water pipes. The magnificent house, completed in the 1880s, was also distinguished from the upper-middle class milieu of Sugárút by its particularly sophisticated entrance and staircase spaces, whose decoration, breathtaking murals and sculptures exceeded the generally high standards of the aristocratic neighbourhood. A particular curiosity and rarity are that the Renaissance-style environment has been enriched with classicist works.

Value was created

The building at 47 Andrássy Street has been renovated and patched up several times in its history, so it was time for a comprehensive renovation, paying attention to every detail and operating it in a manner befitting its status. As the building is located on a World Heritage site and has a unique and particularly demanding design, the investor and contractor started the ambitious work with a comprehensive analysis of the heritage conservation survey. This expert opinion also included the proposal that the building should be preserved in its entirety, as it reflects the Hungarian metropolitan architecture of its time both in detail and as a whole. The A47 building, renovated with heart and soul and no little expertise, is once again the gem of Andrássy Avenue in the historic centre of Budapest. Its location is excellent, as the former Sugárút is now home to shops of world brands, excellent restaurants and pastry shops, not to mention the recently renovated Opera House and the Ballet Institute, but it is also just a few steps from St. Stephen’s Basilica, the City Park, the Budapest Museum Quarter or „Pest Broadway”. In addition, the accessibility of the building and the traffic in the area is also excellent. Therefore, the A47 building offers a unique experience not only for homeowners and commercial tenants but for everyone who passes by or visits its spaces. It is a source of pride for city dwellers, an attraction for tourists, and a value, ornament and gem of our capital. It is worth the care, attention and effort.

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