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New Barnes Hungarian Magazine - 2023


Thursday 13 April 2023

Picture New Barnes Hungarian Magazine - 2023

Dear Reader, 

We live in a time when global events can be concerning, but we remain firm believers in sustainable development, unquestionable quality, expertise, and the power of partnership. Especially now, it is vital that through our magazine we can showcase the achievements, recognitions, and news of our compatriots both domestically and abroad on a prestigious platform, and bring the news of their successes, be it handcrafted watches representing industrial art values, exceptional quality perfumes, or a castle hotel renovated and decorated with outstanding taste. Although the fields may differ, passion, the willingness to act, creative desire, and value creation are common, and these are all qualities with which the Barnes international brand can most identify. We believe and affirm that the most meaningful foundation of any success story is the individual who relentlessly strives for better, educating themselves, gaining experience, and sparing no time or energy to realize their dreams – no matter how audacious they may be. It is along these guiding principles that we have selected the themes for this year’s magazine, as in our tumultuous world there is an even greater place for stable values such as quality, uniqueness, tradition, and innovation.

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