Hungarian team is the best at architectural visualization
Visualization solutions have already separated from architecture. The finest visualizations of the best architectural firms are made by an international team in Budapest.
Architectural visualization market is growing explosively, but ZOA Studio in Budapest keeps up with this progress. They are a team of creative individuals providing immersive visualization solutions for architects and real estate developers globally. Their income is more than 1 million euros a year. And they are working for such great companies like the Dutch UN Studio (Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart), the Norwegian Snøhetta (Oslo Opera House) and the Irish O’Donnell and Tuomey (CEU in Budapest). If everything goes well, they are going to work with Zaha Hadid Architects soon.
The founders of the company, Máté Hámori and András Onodi built their headquarters in the heart of Budapest. As they said, their job was very simple. Their goal is to tell stories the objects they have been created from. In order to evoke feelings, they need to understand these architectural objects and perceive their future effects. If you would visit them, you would see some shady trees in the courtyard, taste excellent coffee and meet with high-end experts. So, this needs to become successful in today’s world.

Reference:, A képek forrása: ZOA Studio