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New apartments for the price of 1 million/sqm ?


Wednesday 06 November 2019

Picture New apartments for the price of 1 million/sqm ?

Numerous housing projects are getting across the finish line in the last quarter of this year. The demand for new apartments has increased this year, reasulting an average 33% growth compared to 2018. In Budapest it meant an 18%, in County Pest a 57% growth. This represents an extreme price regarding the apartments of the capital; the average price/sqm of a new apartment has topped a record of 885,000 HUF by the beginning of October.

Due to these extremely high prices more and more people are moving to the suburbian or rural area. But this tendecy affects the prices of the apartments in other cities as well. In Debrecen a new flat costs 610,000 HUF/sqm; in Székesfehérvár the average price/sqm is 607,000 HUF. If you want to buy a flat in Szeged, the price/sqm is 576,000 HUF. However, in Győr the price of a new flat is even cheaper: it's only 462,000 HUF/sqm.


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