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Hungary's property registration system will be renewed


Tuesday 07 January 2020

Picture Hungary's property registration system will be renewed

“The property registration system was established in the era of Maria Theresa and needed to be renewed” – said Bence Tuzson, State Secretary for Public Service in the Prime Minister’s Office. The operation of land registry systems will be completely changed by the introduction of the E-real estate registry in Hungary. Thanks to recent developments, the paper-based system is replaced by an application-based system. The main goal is: if someone goes to the chamber after a property transfer, the real estate ownership right will be recorded immediately.

The State Secretary emphasized that this is another step in the process of digitalization of administrative processes, which will significantly reduce the lead time and cost level of land registry proceedings, while increasing legal certainty. The new land registration system should also be linked to other databases, such as the address register and population register. The new system is expected to be launched in the fall of 2022 after the test period.


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