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Stagnant prices, growing demand


Saturday 11 April 2020

Picture Stagnant prices, growing demand

At the end of January, Otthontérkép, a website dealing with more than 100 thousand real estate advertisements has done an assessment of the demand in Hungary. After last December’s halt, there has been an increase all over the country. More and more people visit Otthontérkép and Ingatlantájoló too, but other indicators, like the amount of clicks on “show telephone number” buttons is on the rise as well. In most cases, this is closely related to the intention of buying. This interest is 70% higher than in December.

“The growth of interest at the beginning of the year is a promising sign, more and more people feel like they want to move, and they have the opportunity to do so” – says Halaska N. Gábor, leading analyst of Otthontérkép. He also added that we should keep in mind: in many families a new year means new plans, while December is quite an uneventful month from this point of view. Apart from that, the government’s support of young families and the Family Housing Allowance could play a greater role in this as well.

According to the analyst, more precise implications can be done at the beginning of summer, but significant price drop is unlikely in 2020.

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