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The luxury of the lake Balaton area – A selection from Barnes's portofolio


Thursday 17 September 2020

Picture The luxury of the lake Balaton area – A selection from Barnes's portofolio

These new-build developments are usually larger apartment building investments and have all the beauties of the priority regions: waterfront, isolated hillside and eye-catching panoramic properties as well. However, do not forget about the already existing properties of the region, because there are countless hidden treasures around Lake Balaton, which are just as diverse as the lake itself. A selection from our portfolio.

Hidden among the endless vineyards of the North coast there is this dreamy wine mansion. Built in the style of French Chateau wineries, the vineyard estate has its own wine processing plant, wine cellar and wellness area.

Within walking distance of the pulsating capital of the North coast, this modern luxury apartment is situated in a quiet area, close to Balatonfüred's famous Tagore promenade and also the waterfront. Panorama to Lake Balaton, equipment that meets all needs and wellness and gym in the building for its new owners as well.

There's something reassuring about just looking at the panorama. And in this residence on the North coast, you can have plenty of it. Thanks to its large terraces and outdoor pool, you can enjoy the view from literally any part of the house!

The port and coastal promenade of Balatonfüred are among the most popular meeting points. The speciality of this apartment is not only that it is near to both, but you can also see the South coast and the Tihany Peninsula at the same time from its terrace!

Among the treasures of the Balaton region, there are properties that stand out. Buildings that are hard to forget. This 20th century built castle, situated next to Zánka and Révfülöp, is one of the treasures of the North coast. The castle enchants you not only with its unique design, but also with its eternal panorama – pure uniqueness.

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