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The world's most expensive wine is Hungarian !


Thursday 23 April 2020

Picture The world's most expensive wine is Hungarian !

The world’s most expensive wine is this 2008 Tokaji Essencia. One bottle costs up to 11 238 407 forints, which is around 40 thousand dollars. The uniqueness comes from a process called “noble rot” caused by a rare mold, Botrytis cinereal. This causes grapes to dry out and turn into raisins. Unlike ordinary wines, where grape is added to the base wine, Tokaji Essencia is made entirely from the juice of the aszú, using only the best pieces of fruit.

One kilogram of ripe grape can only produce a teaspoon of Tokaji Essencia. a 37,5 cl bottle needs up to 20 kilograms of fruit. The wine made this way has an alcohol percentage of 3%. However, the 2008 Tokaji Essencia was bottled after eight years, so the percentage is a little over 4%. This unique wine can only be produced in years with the perfect weather and climate for the Botrytis. 2008 was a year like this.

Reference: CNN Travel

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