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25th anniversary of the renovated great market hall !


Friday 11 October 2019

Picture 25th anniversary of the renovated great market hall !

The magnificent Great Market Hall at Fővám Square celebrates the 25th anniversary of its renovation. Th e unique and breathtaking style of the palace has become an iconic tourist attraction of Budapest.

The Great Hall Market, designed by the famous Hungarian architect Samu Pecz, has been open to the public for 122 years. It came into existence with a new emerging trend in the 19th century Europe – the establishing of hall markets that provide the opportunity for urban residents to get their groceries in one place.

The construction works started in 11. June 1894, and the Great Hall Market opened its gates to the public on 1. February 1897.

During the World War II. the building was damaged seriously, then it was rebuilt, later "modernized"; but by the beginning of the 90s the construction had become life threatening. In March 1991 it was closed for renovation; and three and a half years later Budapest had a new Great Market Hall and a new tourist attraction.

Reference:, Daily News Hungary

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